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Kev the Poet speaking of Daniel Waples, "he is one of the most creative hang players I have ever seen, he trained to play the jembei drum in Africa and was making guitars before he picked up the hang so he understands percussion as well as melodies and harmonies. He also has an interest in a wide variety of both world music and contemporary artists, learning folk songs and inspiring his own melodies. This balance of technical knowledge and artistic sensibilities is a rarity and it makes for music that truly moves you. And he's loads of fun to 'hang' out with, pardon the pun."

Daniel Waples on Hang.
KP Kev the Poet on vocals.


released December 21, 2010

Daniel Waples and Kevin Panton (additional artists credited on individual tracks, notably Arthur Young, Mark Hazelwood aka Sparxillva, Mike Stanton and Denis Javier



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


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KP Kev the Poet Bristol, UK

"Vagabondbardic, purple bling wizard of finesse and depth, bringing smiles for miles and "bare love" lyrics." (Craig R.Ninjah).

Open-ended benefit creator, love emanator and wisdom regurgitator (often in the role of a rhyme syncopater).
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Track Name: Wandering Pixie Gypsy Life - Daniel Waples and KP (Hang in Balance version)
Inspired by Avalon Roots (and life right now...)

Breathing the wandering Pixie Gypsy Life,
Leaving the bumbling city life behind,
Seeing the summers in fields with pretty skies
Some people grow up on site, some seek to find,

As long as we have breath we know we'll laugh
As long as we all share, we won't starve,
Food Circle! One day past sell by date
Won't hurt you, sharing stories, wearing purple

Breathing fresh air drinking spring water
Wandering green fields, foraging for the
Edible flora and watching the fauna.
Some trim the blessed herb in California ;-)

Some smoke Indian Chillums to meditate longer,
Some are walking in the pyramids of Bosnia,
As Babylon falls it's not just Romani Gypsies that wander
But Rastas, Druids, Omis, and Fairies who walk the

Earth with the confidence mother provides
Shelter, good food, good friends and good vibes,
Womble the planet until our roots grow
The wandering life is now in the flow.

In the back of pimped out vans with trippy guys!
Making songs up as we go along with witty guys!
Discussing sending energies from testes to between the eyes !
...Breathing the Wandering Pixie Gypsy Life!
Track Name: Let Go (Ein Sof vocal version)
Daniel James Waples and Kevin Panton