KP and ANORAK Do Tea

by KP Kev the Poet



This is epic. This is the one. An EP by KP Kev the Poet featuring exclusive production from Anorak (of Neverlution and Bristol's 'Laptop Battles'). Featuring world-music samples, huge Glitch-Hop breaks and exotic instruments creating a unique and epic soundscape for KPs humorous, philosophical, and witty rhymes and intricate flows. 3 vocal tracks plus 3 fat instrumentals to test your subs. This is the one.

Kevin El Poeta
I'm masterminding an Anorak and KP 6 track EP (I still need to record the vocals for one of the 3 vocal tracks and I'll make the other 3 tracks the original instrumentals minus my voice).
Now, what do we want to call it? I'll probably name it something descriptive and unimaginative like Anorak and Kev the Poet do tea. Or perhaps Sit on my Laptop Battle MC. Consciousness Evolving in a bassbin... If a bassbin vibrates in the forest and no one is there to hear it does it make a free party? Hmmmmmm....

John Anorak
haha ok yea thats cool maybe we could come up with a co-lab name-anorak having a bit of a breakcore association. but actually i do like anorak and kp do tea- has a nice modest ring to it.

Kevin El Poeta
yeah, and the fact that it's a KP collab kind of indicates that you're branching out and the title "do tea" sounds like a chill out from the breakcore vibe.

cover photo by Emma Catlady.


released December 15, 2012

produced by Anorak
vocals by KP Kev the Poet
featuring Dipo Kolajo
(vocals recorded and mixed by Dipo Koljao at Tariq's Yard apart from LEGO BRICKS recorded by Reuben Grant at Reuben's Yard.)
All music produced by John aka Anorak




KP Kev the Poet Bristol, UK

"Vagabondbardic, purple bling wizard of finesse and depth, bringing smiles for miles and "bare love" lyrics." (Craig R.Ninjah).

Open-ended benefit creator, love emanator and wisdom regurgitator (often in the role of a rhyme syncopater).
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